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Alexandre AbreuValle (1966, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Lives and works in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.


Graduated in Psychology and Design, Deca national award winner in 1997, among other awards, has in the sculpture, drawing and painting the manifestation of his work. His sculptures in steel and wood in concrete / neo-concrete abstract style are inspired by the geometry. The artist uses mixed technique based on the cut of sheets of varying thicknesses for steel and mixed technique for works in wood, with a predominance of red, black, white, yellow and blue colors, besides the natural oxidation of the steel plates, the polished (and/or brushed) stainless steel, the application of special pigmentation, bronze filings and blades of natural woods.


In 2007, his work "Minas Gerais" became part of Queen Elizabeth II’s collection at Buckingham Palace Museum, London, England. In 2008 he was honored with Official Commendation, on the occasion of the celebration of the centenary of Japanese immigration to Brazil, for the "Origami", exhibited in Brazil and Japan. In 2009, his work "Scena" became part of the collection of Casa dos Contos Museum in the city of Ouro Preto and, in 2013, the stainless steel sculpture "Origami" entered the Museu das Minas e do Metal (Museum of Mining and Metal) collection in the city of Belo Horizonte.


The drawings and paintings in mixed technique in wood, canvas and paper focuses on the geometry as well as on the dreams of urban society. During this period he attended the London Biennale, by The Foundry Gallery - London - July 2006. With major participation in exhibitions in Brazil and Europe in 2011 and 2013, his current period of paintings and engravings depicts a more playful aspect, through free strokes into fun shapes based on the geometry of his sculptural work. In 2015, invited to exhibit his work in stainless steel sculpture in Aperam/Acesita Foundation, the Aperam South America, only integrated producer of steel stainless and electrical plans in Latin America, founded in 1944 in the city of Timóteo in the Steel Valley in Minas Gerais, Brazil .

On  trips  cultural  improvement  visited  major  museums  and  art  galleries  abroad  as Museo del Prado (Spain), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Spain), Center Interior Design CDI (Portugal), Carmo Archaeological Museum (Portugal), Museum of Ancient  Art  (Portugal),  the  Maritime  Museum  (Portugal),  National  Museum  of  Arquiologia  (Portugal),  Museu  Nacional  dos  Coches  (Portugal),  Museu  do  Oriente (Portugal), Penha Palace  (Portugal),  El  Palacio  Real  Madrid  (Spain), Musée  du  Louvre (France), Musée de Cluny  -  Museo Nacional de la Edad Media (France), Musée Rodin (France), Château de Chambord (France), Musée L' Orangerie (France), Musée d'Orsay  (France),  Sainte  Chapelle  (France),  Imperial  Monasterio  de  San  Clemente  (Spain), Museo de los Conciclios stood Y La Cultura (Spain), Museo del Ejército (Spain) , Alcazar (Spain)  ,  Monasterio  de  San  Juan  de  Los  Reyes  (Spain),  Museo  de  El  Greco  (Spain), Museo  SEF  Ardi  (Spain)  ,  Museo  Victorio  Macho  (Spain)  ,  Museum  of  Santa  Cruz  (Spain),  Museo  Catedralicio  (Spain),  Museo  Provincial  (Spain),  Museo  Conventual(Spain),  Museo  de  la  Casa  Ducal  de  Medinaceli  (Spain)  ,  Musée  d'  Art  Moderne (France),  Espace  Dalí  (France),  Galeries  du  quartier  Miromesnil  (France),  Galeries Vallois  sculptures  Contemporaines  (France),  Jean  Fournier  Galeries  (France),  Galerie Maria  Lund  (France)  ,  Galerie  Dominique  Bert  (France),  Galerie  Boulakia  (France), Galerie  Jean  -  Louis  Danant  (France),  Galerie  Makassar  -France  (France),  Malingue (France),  Galerie  Messina  Blaise  Painaud  (France),  Galerie  Jérôme  de  Noirmont (France),  Galerie  La  Présidence  (France),  Renou  &  Poyet  (France),  Galerie  Taménaga (France),  Galerie  Du  Colombier  (France),  Galerie  Martine  Moisan  (France),  Opera Gallery  (France),  Galerie  Schmit  Robert  (France),  Galerie  Artmonti  (France),  Des  Arts Montmartre (France) , Galerie Cab (France) , Galerie 1161 (France) , Galerie L' art De L'Loved  (France),  applicat  -  Prazan  Rive  Gauche  (France),  Artco  France  (France),  La Galerie  du  Crous  Paris  (France),  Galerie  Furstenberg  (France),  Et  Gimpel  Muller (France),  Galerie  Jacques  Lacoste  (France),  Galerie  Pascal  Lansberg  (France),  Galerie Claudine  Legrand  (France),  Theo  Galerie  de  Seine  (France),  Vallois  Sculptures Contemporaines  (France),  Galerie  Léglise  Brun  (France),  Galerie  Brissot  Art Contemporain  (France),  Musée  National  d'  Art  Moderne  Centre  Pompidou  (France), Hôtel de Ville  (France), Musée Jacquemart -  André (France), Musée Marmottan Monet (France),  Musée  du  Luxembourg  (France),  Maison  De  Victor  Hugo  ( France),  Grand Palais  (France),  Petit  Palais  (France),  Musée  Château  Et  De  Versailles  (France), Orangerie Du Trianon (France), among others.


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